The Joy of Chase

on Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We are really enjoying getting to know Chase. He is a very easy going and sweet boy. He loves cuddling and playing. He is starting to chuckle at us, which only encourages us to be sillier. I am often taken back by the intensity of love I feel for Chase. I find that I often lack words for the way I am feeling in a moment with Chase and Ryan. I can only say that this has been a time full of joy for me and I am so thankful.

I had a moment to reflect on how thankful I am for our family when I was putting up our Christmas decorations this year. In the tradition of Grandma Dunnuck, I have a sign in one of my boxes that says, "A very merry Christmas to all who open this box". Each year, I date it and put a note about where we are and what is going on in our lives. Last year my entry was, "2008 Hopeful and Thankful". It took me back to what was happening in our lives during Christmas time. We had gotten news in between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve that made it seem that we would not be having children naturally. Last year, I was so thankful to have Ryan in my life, but was fighting the despair of coming to terms with infertility. In short, it was a tough year. How blessed we are to be in such a different position this year! I marvel at the miracle that happened for Chase to be with us. Every baby is a miracle, but Chase feels extra special.

A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL WHO READ THIS BLOG. May you experience joy in your life this season.

Here are some pics of Chase from the past several weeks:

Chase is almost 3 months old. This is his first naked baby photo shoot. So adorable and strong!

We are such a happy little family. I enjoy all of our moments together. I am starting to look like me again, so I'm particularly fond of this picture.

Look at those rolls! He is definitely a different boy than when he was born now.

My metric for growth. His foot is about 1/2 inch longer than when he was born. Ryan has size 11.5 feet and I think Chase will match that size.

If you look carefully, you'll see his hair is coming in RED!

I can't resist yawning babies or puppies...

Chase posed himself. He is just 2 months here.

Chase at 2 months is a great cook and kitchen helper!


Jill said...

Chase is such a happy little boy! He's already hamming it up for the camera!

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