Finding sunshine in the midst of darkness

on Friday, February 5, 2010

I know; it's been awfully quiet on the Chambers Log for quite some time. We've had an adventurous little while. I started writing this post chronicalling all of the hard stuff, but I want to look forward instead of behind. So, I'll just report it all quickly and get to some pics of Chase, who is 5 months on Wednesday!

January saw a death in Ryan's family, strep throat for me, RSV bronchiolitis for Chase, a bad head cold for me, and extreme exhaustion for all.

sleeping when we can where we can...

In the midst of all the chaos, there was plenty of kindness. My mom helped us immensely when I got strep and Chase first had RSV. Then, when Chase was recovering and I got sick Ryan's mom came to stay and help for a week. We all couldn't have survived without their compassion and care.
we survived!
In the midst of illness, Chase learned how to roll over and is working REALLY hard at sitting up on his own.
Loves his play gym and staring at the other baby in the mirror!
We've also started giving him little tastes of food. So far, he's tried sweet potatoes, avocado, bananna, and applesauce. None of them seem to strike his fancy; I'm told compared to breastmilk even banana is not that sweet. So we've been trying rice cereal and breastmilk, which he LOVES. We cannot shovel it into his mouth fast enough!

I'll smile as long as you keep that stuff coming, lady!
What felt like a very dark month has given way to a shiny and hopeful February. We have hired someone to care for Chase in our home. She is sweet and I think will take excellent care of Chase. I am happy to say goodbye to his daycare, hopefully forever.
Chase is proving to be an engaging and sweet-natured little cuddler. While nursing, he pushes away, makes eye contact with me and gives his biggest grin possible. That, or he begins laughing so hard his little body shakes. There truly is nothing better than those moments of smiling and laughing. All of the hard stuff fades away and my heart is continually renewed by our sweet boy.
doesn't he already look like a little boy? Heartbreaking and exciting at the same time.


Chelsea said...

Sweet Chase! I can hardly believe how big he is. Such a little man - can't wait to snuggle him tomorrow night!

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