on Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chase and I on Mother's Day

Chase taking flight with Ryan

He loves soaring through the air!

Smiley (and drooly boy); 8.5 months

Look at those stripes!?!

Loving the shoelaces

Noodles and parmesan. Delicious. Messy.

May was a hectic month for us. After one job prospect for me left, another presented itself, which meant more prep for interviewing, more time away from Chase and Ryan, and more whatif-ing until we all about fell over. I was offered a job, but decided to turn it down, after receiving notice that a grant I co-wrote was funded. This grant has me working in Chicago (downtown on the lakeshore), but here in Bloomington most of the year. So, big sigh of relief for all, we are staying put...for now. May in Chase's world brought the introduction of chicken, noodles, egg, and yogurt. We are getting closer to him eating meals that look more like something Ryan and I would eat, which is exciting. May was not a good month for sleeping, but as evidenced by the shoelace chewing, Chase was teething. May began with a lot of questions about where we were going to move and ended with the answer to stay put for now.


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