Life is full, but Chase remains hungry

on Sunday, April 11, 2010

We've been having lots of fun over here at Chambers Drive. So much that it has been hard to take moments away from playing and trying to sleep that we've fallen a bit behind.

Chase is 7 months old today. He has two bottom teeth, is close to crawling, eating solids and feeding himself a bottle. He's been a busy growing boy! We have enjoyed getting to know him. He has a sunny personality and loves to laugh. The hardest part seems to be getting him to slow down enough to sleep!

We often remind ourselves that we would rather have a happy healthy boy than a naturally good sleeper (lucky are those who have kids that are all three!).

I had a much longer post planned out, but, well, it got deleted. So, we're still here and trying to enjoy each day on little, little sleep.

Happy spring to all!


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