Ultrasound Pics

on Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Labeled - left to right, top to bottom:
* Note - to see any of the above two sets of pictures, click on the image to bring bring up the LARGE size (may take time loading as they are original camera size
1. An arm bent making a fist - flexing muscles
2. Hard to see, but the circled portion of the picture is showing off his manhood (towards top left)
3. Side profile shot of the head on the right side
4. A defined spinal chord of the baby bent over
5. The baby saying he is done with pictures as he takes his hand and covers his eyes
6. Baby looking straight ahead - you can see the lens of his eye glowing (the song "Somebody's Watching You" plays out)
7. A great shot of the boy in the fetal position
8. A strong runner's calf, thigh, and leg in picture 8
We have more and will post those later.Until then, Enjoy...


Rebecca said...

Wow!! He looks great!

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