G-day has arrived!

on Wednesday, April 29, 2009

As Ryan named it, G-day (Gender day) has arrived. We went to get the ultra sound this morning at 9:30. Immediately, baby Middleton showed us whether he was a he or she was a she. It turns out we are having a boy!

When we were going through the last year trying for this baby, I would often talk to the image of our baby that I carried with me. It was always a boy. I would tell him how much I was wanting him to be real and how I just knew someday he would be. I would tell him how hard it was to see each month go by when he felt like such a real presence to me. He finally decided the time was right and when I found out I was pregnant, I just knew my baby, my figment of my imagination, that I had been chasing all of those months, had arrived.

The timing of the gift of finding out who baby Middleton has also made this experience more special. 11 years ago yesterday, I lost my dad. While I took time yesterday to tell my dad that I loved and missed him, it feels like such a gift to have a reason to celebrate a new life, a new person that will carry a piece of him on. Life is such a gift, and I've had the fortune to see that we cannot take any part of it for granted; neither the creation of life, nor the duration of life. This baby marks an opportunity for my Porter family to grow instead of shrink--truly a blessing.

Baby Middleton was busy moving during the whole ultrasound. He was rolling and stretching and changing angles, so we got to see everything from the tips of his toes to the top of his head. Ryan was a proud dad, commenting on every movement and stretch the baby made. I was happy to see that his spine and brain were well developed, that his heart looked as it should. If the baby's level of activity is any sign of things to come, we are going to have our hands full!

I'm sure we'll post the ultrasound pics later on today. I just wanted to capture this deeply joyful and perfect moment.


ambrothe said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. Congratulations!


MPFLGF said...

Congrats on the little boy:) I am so happy and excited for you all!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations again!! Such a blessing :o)

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