Spring Post

on Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring has brought a lot of changes in Chase's life. It seems like his development is picking up at an ever-increasing pace! He is adding new words to his vocabulary every day now. Common words from Chase: Elmo (more on that later), Bottle, Cracker, Down, Dip (as in dipping food), yucky, Rudy, Dog, Dad, Hat, Shoes, Kitty (pronounced ki-ki). Just yesterday he started saying Purple after I said it just once and today he said "bye bye" to me. It seems like once he got the hang of saying a two syllable word (first one was yucky, don't know why!) other words have come easier. He talks way more than we can understand, but it has been really exciting to see his language develop.

Now, about Chase's love of his life: Elmo. In early April we went to visit Christy, Paul, and Gwendolyn. Gwen happens to love Elmo and it turned out that Chase KNEW who Elmo was and wanted everything to do with Gwendolyn's Elmo toys. We had no idea because until this point, Chase had never watched Elmo with us. It turned out that Ms. Kerry puts on Sesame Street during lunch to help tame the chaos of feeding two very hungry and competitive toddlers. Well, a few days later I made the mistake of watching Elmo with Chase on YouTube. Ever since, Elmo (sounds like Belbo) is often the first word out of Chase's lips in the morning and he would be happy to watch Elmo every waking minute. Once others found out about Chase's love of Elmo, he now has an Elmo sweatshirt (which he wore for 2.5 days straight the first time), Elmo spoon and fork, an Elmo dvd, and an Elmo song CD. The only problem? Elmo tunes are catchy and are stuck in my head! Chase LOVES the Elmo duck song and India Airie's version of the ABCs.

Speaking of love of music, Chase is full on obsessed with the Kings of Leon. Uncle Marc is back in town and visited. He has an MP3 player with a speaker and had it on. Chase got to hold it and was visibly and vocally excited any time a KOL song came on. When the song was over and the next song wasn't KOL, he took the MP3 player back to Uncle Marc so that he could find another song. Uncle Marc and Dad were VERY proud!

Chase had a lovely second Easter. We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa (Chase says Papa) Middleton for the holiday. He ended up receiving four different Easter baskets from different people. This is one well-loved kid! The Saturday before Easter was beautiful and we had a fun time setting up an Easter egg hunt for Chase. He loved it, too! His eggs were filled with Whale crackers and raisins. He couldn't have been more thrilled! He loved soaking up the attention of Grandma and Grandpa by asking them to look at the fish tank together. Grandma Middleton spent lots of time rocking and cuddling with Chase. Those days are quickly waning, so I am glad that she had a chance to snuggle.

Ryan and I each find special moments with Chase throughout the day. Chase and I snuggle and giggle in bed in the morning. He NOW SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT CONSISTENTLY. So, when he wakes up, I fix his bottle and he and I snuggle back in bed. We talk about noses and ears and he lays his head on my chest as he used to do when he nursed. I treasure this quiet time with him before the day becomes hectic and I feel the pressure of work and home chores. Ryan and Chase spend time after they come home from Ms. Kerry's. This involves romping, helping Dad do some sort of work, and sometimes reading books. We all spend dinner time together and Chase is doing a better job eating.

Chase continues to be a kind hearted and sweet little boy. If others are here at bed time, everyone, including Rudy, gets a kiss and a hug good night. At Ms. Kerry's house he is apparently good at sharing with the other kiddos. I know that Chase is who he is intrinsically, but I have to say that I am so proud of who he is becoming.

Happy Spring!

May 4, 2011


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oh he sounds like such a sweet boy:) love the pictures!

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