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on Monday, February 7, 2011

Chasey Chase is quite the ham.
Oma bought a sled for Chase and we went sledding in Jan/Feb. Lots of fun!

All has been quiet on Chambers Log for quite some time! The following is excerpts from January and February about who Chase is and what he was doing at the time.


Chase is picking up new skills and mannerisms all of the time. This weekend, I taught him how to hop. Well, when he does it on his own, he only bends his knees and moves his arms. If I hold him and we hop together, he jumps so high! He has no recognition that I am the one helping him hop, which makes watching him do it all the better. Seems to be a good metaphor for parenting--help your children along in the background so that they feel the sense of accomplishment of achieving a new skill. That is either a good metaphor or a terrible one, I'm not sure now. Anywho...
We work very hard to make everything that we want him to do seem like it is his idea, which sometimes takes some creative thinking, but certainly helps tame the tantrums. He loves to try and help and do things on his own, which is so fun to see. I guess I don't really have any good stories from lately, just trying to hold on to the last wisps of him resembling a baby as he more and more acts like a boy.

Chase is now 17 months and is so interesting. Words are on the tip of his tongue, but not quite there, making for some interesting babble and some frustration on his part. He's way in to mimicking what we're doing, which is so fun. I've been enjoying thinking of ways for him to feel involved in the activities that are part of our daily routine. In the morning he keeps me company while I shower and dress. Then as I am getting ready, he does what I do including pretending to put on deodorant, do my hair, put on make up and most importantly, brushing teeth! He loves to do the activity that I am doing and it keeps him quite content!

Chase is also learning how to sing "Old MacDonald". His e-i-e-i-o sounds more like ah-ee-ah-ee with no "o" on the end. We sing the song on the way to Ms. Kerry's house (our babysitter). Old MacDonald sure has a lot of sheep on his farm according to Chase!


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