Chasey Chase and Big O in the baby pool

on Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chase loves the water!

This picture will haunt him for years, but we couldn't help but take it!

Oliver spent some time scowling at Ryan. I think it is adorable.

They are each grabbing for what the other one has. Classic.

Who is this little boy and what has he done with my baby?

Who is this other little boy? Heart crushing.

On Sunday, we finally got Chase a baby pool. First, a little back story. In May for Memorial Day we went to visit Ryan's parents. We had a great time. We just hung out and relaxed for the weekend. Ryan's mom had bought this little floatey raft for Chase to go into their pool. We put him in it and at first, he was quite nervous, but over the next few days, he got to the point where he didn't even need us to hold on to it. He would just float by himself in the pool watching everyone else float as well. When we took him out of the floaty and Ryan held him on his stomach, he would move his arms and legs in doggy paddle fashion. He loved it! Not only that, but he was completely worn out after each swimming event. We had found a gold mine.
Since that trip, I've taken him to our former nanny Gabi's apartment pool for swimming and he continued to love it. Thus, the three pool trips on our two day Chicago trip, and playing in Oma's big tub, and the purchase of a baby pool! This kid is a water bug.
On Father's day, we invited Chase's and my best buddies Oliver and Chelsea over to play in the pool. Chelsea and I have been taking Oliver and Chase on walks frequently, but it has been so hot that a dip in the pool seemed more appropriate. So, here was the scene: three adults, two cameras, and two babies. I'm pretty sure that Chelsea and Ryan took 100 pictures between the two of them, but, alas, these two are so darn cute! Looking forward to more play dates in our backyard pool.


Jill said...

I love all the pictures! Especially the baby wedgie! The dress you wore in Chicago was really cute!

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