Remember this moment

on Thursday, June 11, 2009

We were in bed listening to music on my belly last night. We've been experimenting with the songs that the baby will respond to. Some days, it is old school rap, some days it is 70's rock, and some days it is Frank Sinatra. Any in utero kick, twist, or shift to music that Ryan likes makes him puff like a proud music-loving papa. Totally a "that's my boy" moment for him.

Last night was a different moment. The baby wasn't responding to much, so I asked him to put this Ben Harper/Jack Johnson duet of "My own two hands". It is a song about how we can change the world when we put our hands to work. One verse says, "I can hold you in my own two hands and I can comfort you in my own two hands..." It gives me flashes of little C.W. born and held in my hands and in Ryan's. It is another one of those songs that has struck me as a perfect lullabye for our son. As we were listening to the song, Ryan began humming the song. It occurred to me that he was humming to the baby. This time a flash of Ryan holding C.W. and humming to this song, swaying to the beat came to me. I could see them swaying in the moonlight as Ryan was trying to lull the baby back to sleep. My heart smiled in a deeply joyful way that has been one of the many gifts of this pregnancy. My husband is becoming a dad and it is my privelege to watch it happen.


BradM said...

Brought a tear to my eye, that's so cool.

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