The Early Months!

on Friday, April 3, 2009

Elizabeth - Female perspective
Evidence of pregnancy has been slow to progress, but I am slowly starting to show at 16 weeks. The first four months have gone fairly smoothly. I did not experience nausea in the first trimester. I do wake up most nights hungry and find myself rummaging for a snack that will satiate me enough so that I can get back to bed. I did not anticipate the interruptions in sleep and that has
been the most challenging aspect of our little one developing. I marvel at and sometimes am frustrated by the constant change of my body and its needs. There is no illusion that life is static any longer!

Ryan has been busy getting the crib set up and picking up my slack so that I can rest when I come home. In short, he's been wonderful and very patient with all of the changes that I am experiencing.
(Elizabeth at 12 weeks - pic)
Ryan - Male perspective
The belly is poppin! The first few months of this pregancy thing has been interesting. I guess I expected big changes to occur, and really, nothing has transpired. I wanted the big belly, despite her wishes of pushing this process off to the final weeks. All I have noticed was the eating habits - which I must say has gotten to an unusual level, and the lack of sleep. She was eating rice and yogurt! I need not say anymore on that topic! The sleep has progressively changed as well with Elizabeth constantly needing to switch, rotate, twist, and go to the bathroom (I am pretty sure it's in that order too).

Above all else, all things are well! I couldn't ask for a better start tobringing our "boy" into this world (I saw the first ultrasound - those were not legs - at least one wasn't). She is in high spirit (as I am in high spirits) and we are anxiously awaiting our true treasure to life.
(Elizabeth at 16 weeks - pic)


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